About The School  

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a high-quality education to our students based on clearly-defined learning standards. Our chief priority is student learning.


1. To provide rigorous and challenging academic content

2.To develop classrooms in which both equity and excellence are goals for each learner

3. To raise student achievement through assignments and assessment that are benchmarked to proficient and advanced levels

4. To use a variety of research-based instructional strategies and activities that engage students in their learning

5. To provide a system of extra help and support to aid students in meeting higher standards

6. To safeguard a school environment that promotes learning, provides discipline, raise expectations, encourages collaboration, and celebrates success

7. To cultivate positive relationships among our students, faculty, staff, parents and our community

8. To commit ourselves and our school to continual evaluation and improvement

Special Programs


Athens Middle School's Talented and Gifted (TAG) Education Program focuses on a flexible approach for identifying students who can benefit from enrichment services. Broad goals of the TAG program are:

  1. To provide various levels and types of enrichment to a broader spectrum of the school population than commonly offered in special programs,
  2. To integrate services offered by special programs with the regular curriculum,
  3. To improve the extent and quality of enrichment for all students, and
  4. To promote "raising the bar" throughout the school environment.

TAG classes include students who have been identified as gifted using traditional screening procedures, but is open to students who show equal potential for advanced and/or creative performance. The TAG program provides a coherent curriculum that is responsive to the needs of gifted/high ability learners.





This program serves students who have any difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding English that may deny them the ability to meet state proficiency levels of achievement (as determined by state assessments); the ability to effectively attain course of study standards in the classroom; or the opportunity to participate in school, school related activities, and society in general.

It is the goal of all school personnel, including regular classroom teachers, special education teachers, gifted education teachers, after-school staff, summer school staff, at-risk instructors, counselors, and administrators, to help each student make yearly progress on standardized evaluations and reach the highest possible levels of English language and academic proficiency in the shortest time possible. This will enable the students to become contributing members of our community.