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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
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STI Home Portal

INow Home Portal is designed to provide parents of Athens Intermediate, Middle, and High School students the ability to view student information. Attached to the progress report on Wednesday will be login information that will allow you to access your child's/children's grades, attendance, etc. You will receive duplicate slips if you have children at more than one school. However, the username and temporary password should be the same. If the username is not the same on all slips and you prefer to have only one account for all of your children, please email (include all of your children's names and the schools they attend). Presently iNow Home Portal is not available for K-4 students.

To access the Home Portal you will need to go to and login using the information provided on Wednesday. Further instructions on the use of iNow Home Portal may be found on the school website. Click Here for instruction sheet

Parents and the child will get a username and password.

(Please note that the "Request" and "Go Green" options are not available at this time.)


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